IDEALMARMI  is a young and dynamic company specialized in the production of marble, granite and agglomerate products like THRESHOLDS, WINDOW SILLS, CORNERS, TILES for floorings and wall coverings.

IDEALMARMI was founded to meet International market demands based mainly on quantity and standard production specifications and processes.

The company carries out all phases of the production procces directly, from the procurement of the blocks in the quarry to the finishing of pieces to prepare them for shipping.

In collaboration with other group firms (MARMOBON and DOMOS), it succeeds in responding with flexibility, even the most difficult and unusual requests its clients may make.



White Carrara Threshold
To divide different floors we commonly use strips which are referred to as thresholds.
Marble saddles, granite and marble door thresholds.... Read all

Travertine Window Sill 1
Window Sills
A Window Sill is a strip of stone with 1 long side finished edge.
Straight polished/honed edge side has top and bottom 1/8" bevel to match the finish of .... Read all

Corner Shelf
Corner Shower soap dishes
Shower Shelves
Shower Seats
.... Read all

piastrelle dama1
Tiles for flooring and cladding
several sizes and several materials, several surfaces .... Read all